What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing or internet marketing that is the method to promote and sell products and a variety of services on the online platforms using several online marketing tactics like social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Marketing a company online is not easy in this harsh competitive digital world. Internet usage has increased each day, and people are shifting from traditional methods to digital methods. Digital marketing is a way that helps in connecting with and influence customers. The main difference in this marketing is that you can easily interact with your customers online. This includes the management of different forms of a company’s online presence like a company’s website, social media pages, online advertisement, etc. The companies aim at using the right set of techniques to support the objective of acquiring new customers. Also, with the help of digital marketing itself, a company can build secure connections with the customers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • If your company has a strong digital marketing presence, it will be benefitted in the below-listed ways:
  • Digital marketing helps in creating awareness and engagement before and after-sales with the customers.
  • It eventually converts your new buyers into rabid fans who will buy more.
  • Digital marketing helps you to kickstart social sharing that benefits you in a variety of ways.

Also, it shortens the journey of a buyer by bringing new offers to them at the right time.

3D’s of marketing

To understand digital marketing, you need to know several methods except for email and message interaction with the customers. Digital marketing is all about the variety of audience interactions. The below listed 3 Ds help the consumers to understand your brand and the brand to understand consumers’ requirements.

  • Digital Devices: The audience comes across several brands as they interact with different business websites. The consumers get connected with mobile applications that run on smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.
  • Digital Platforms: The interactions take place through browsers or applications from different major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Digital Media: From emails to messages, from search engine connections to social media networks, all the digital media help the consumers and the company to get connected with each other.

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