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A Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is the transfer of any company’s permanent recruitment or a part of it to an external provider. It is quite different from the traditional form of recruitment. In the traditional recruitment process the candidate is sourced and placed in the required role whereas an RPO provider designs and then execute the recruitment process by providing services such as


  • Developing sources of strategy
  • Engaging talent
  • Management of candidates
  • Planning of workforce
  • Consultation of employer brand
  • Screening before employment
  • Recruitment of graduates

And many other services depending on what your RPO provider offers.
An RPO provider understands a client’s recruitment requirements and then delivers services accordingly. What kind of staff, technology or methodology your company needs, an RPO provider will help you get all the services easily.
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Why is Recruitment Process Outsourcing significant for your company?


It is always good to change with time and the same way you need to change your recruitment process to upgrade talent in your company. Recruitment Process Outsourcing has many benefits and some of them are as follows:

Cost Cutting

Cost-effectiveness is one of the key benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing. To conclude it can be said that RPO helps to save the companies money in the long run. Client needs can be fluctuating, to match such needs the RPO providers can anytime scale up or down their recruitment activity. This helps in rapid filling of vacancies in order to save costs of a company.

Better Quality hires

The RPO providers invest a lot of time, energy and resources in screening the talent in order to get their clients the cream of the crop in terms of available talent.

Reduced time consumption

The process of hiring done by the RPO providers is quite professional and usually timebound. This is to save time and overcome the challenge of hiring before the deadline.

Sparing time for decision making

RPO providers offer a big help by cutting loose some extra time for the process of decision making. Every step of the recruitment process is tracked and traced by the RPO providers which gives you some time to focus on important stuff like reporting or decision making

Flexible model

The company needs talent that can fill in the required working needs. Some of the times a company tends to expand and requires recruitment for a whole new department. A new department needs a lot of talented workers. The RPO providers can help in every situation. They can flex accordingly in any situation. The clients are guaranteed to pay for what they get.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing versus traditional recruitment process


If you are confused about switching to RPO from the traditional in house recruitment of your company then it is normal. The decision completely depends on the scope of your project. Both processes have their own benefits.


• All the small businesses run successfully with a degree of control. Outsourcing will not completely eliminate the control on your recruitments but you will have a limited control over the third party recruitment team.
• Now if compared with the in-house recruitments, you get full control over the full time employees because your company is working without any external help.
• However, if we talk about expertise, Recruitment Process Outsourcing team is entirely focussed in providing the recruitment services and have expertise experience in the field.
• On the other hand, the traditional in-house recruitment is done by the company itself and is not an expertise in the field. They may lack expertise in some areas such as forecasting, better analysis, etc. which are essential for a business from the competitive point of view.