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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of using fast and evolving digital technologies to generate new and more efficient business methods. To meet new market requirements, Digital transformation also tries to modify existing business and customer experiences. This idea of reexploring business in the digital world is called digital transformation.

How can you avail the best Digital Transformation Services?


Digital transformation works on the standard concept of working paperless. In this 21st century, building a business on handwritten ledgers isn’t feasible. To survive in this digital age, you have to keep up with new and modern technologies. For instance, instead of writing down things on a ledger, you have to use smart applications for your business. Reimagination should be your new motto.


Digital Transformation has exceeded the conventional roles of marketing, sales, and customer services. Instead, now we try to engage customers with digital technology. It is due to digital transformation that now we have got our hands on artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics, cloud computing, agile development, etc. All these innovative technologies are establishing a new digital culture. Be it your business or a firmly established brand, we at Big Boy’s Consulting aim to help you with these innovative marketing strategies.

Possibilities that come with Digital Transformation


Indeed, technology has made our lives more comfortable now. Before Netflix came into our lives, we used to go to the stores to buy movie tapes. We spent a lot of time searching for movies from our favorite genre. Still, today, thanks to this digital transformation, our digital content libraries on personal devices are filled up with recommendations based on our preference. Video rental businesses are long gone. Now, they have become just a thing of the past.

Evolution in technology or digital transformation is the reason behind it. Subscription-based content like Netflix must have understood the potential of technology long ago. To modify its business, Netflix tried to make the most of the technology and created an innovative content recommendation system which works on the principle of artificial intelligence.

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Of late, Companies’ approach towards customer service has been reshaped due to Digital Transformation. Companies no longer follow the old ways in which they waited for customers to call a toll free number. Be it a giant company or a small one; everyone tries to keep up with growing technology. All of them try to follow new and modern digital strategies. For instance, social media platforms have become a new and trendy source to promote a business. Business owners have understood their target audience. They know that today almost everyone is on social media, and people of all age groups spend most of their time on social media. Thus, social media has become a new platform for advertising, marketing, sales and even customer service. Companies have started embracing social media because now they can also offer their services to customers’ favourite platform.


Call centres and in-store service desks work adequately with digital technology. But, it is called a real digital transformation when you look at all possible technologies and contemplate how modifying your business according to technology can deliver customers a more satisfying experience. Social media’s purpose was not to take the place of call centres, but with the evolving technology, it’s become a new platform for companies to give more useful customer services. Thus, reshaping your services with the use of social media can be a subtle definition of digital transformation. But why confine yourself with these examples? Digital transformation urges businesses to rethink their conventional ideas so that they can create some more creative ideas. But, to stay in the competition, it becomes essential for your business to have a digital presence. Big Boy’s consulting strives to provide you with the best strategies and ideas through which your business can gain profit.

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Whether you want to grow your business or transform your brand’s digital existence, you need a consultancy. Big Boy’s Consulting can help you in achieving your goals.
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