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Technology has enhanced our working life to a completely different level. Almost all companies nowadays hire individuals to work from home using the internet. This working from home facility in companies is a virtual job, which is always a telecommuting job.


However, virtual working is continuing to spread in the organizations and has become a trend. Employees find it comfortable, and it brings them to their full potential of working while they are operating from home. In Fact, today, most of the employees prefer to have jobs at organizations that allow them virtual working. There are specific tools and processes that an organization requires in order to switch from physical to virtual working.


If you are planning to switch from physical to virtual transformation, you can get the best services at Big Boy Consultant. We are concerned with our client’s needs, and we focus on understanding your requirements. Team members in Big Boy consultants have years of experience in the field, and our clients are happy with our services. We provide virtualization technologies that include:


• Presented applications
• Shared session desktops
• Persistent virtual desktops
• Dedicated virtual desktops

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Why do you need virtual workspace services?


Virtual working has left behind the traditional 9 to 5 working patterns in organizations and will soon be replaced. Virtual working services are beneficial for organizations as well as employees.

  • It has proven quite a positive impact on the employers as they can indulge in their effective working from home on their comfortable couches.
  • Access to some cloud collaboration applications allows organizations to manage various projects, hold meetings, track performance, and share files from their comfort level.
  • According to research, it is analyzed that in the upcoming time in UK, almost 50% of the workforce will work virtually. Therefore, virtual working is not going to vanish any time soon.
  • Employers refer to virtual working as a perk, and more than half of the working population in the UK prefer virtual working if allowed by their organization.
  • Virtual working will enable employers to work in flexible working hours. They can choose their own schedules, which makes them more productive.
  • The perk of virtual working leads to a reduction in employee turnover, further leading to employee retention in the organization.
  • Virtual workspace services Big Boy Consultant offers you a great deal in boosting up your organization’s employee retention. Big Boy Consultant provides their best services, and you no more have to waste time and money in recruiting new employees to replace valued staff members.

Thinking from where to start?


In case you have set your mind on the workspace transformation, do not get confused thinking from where to start. Big Boy Consultant services allow you to sit back and relax. Our services will help you with the whole procedure. A virtual workspace allows employees to open up more ways for the organization to operate. It depends on your organization’s goals and priorities where you should begin.


Every organization has some goals like an increase in revenue generation, improvement of productivity, betterment of employee satisfaction, retention, fulfill consumer expectations, and so on. Such goals of your business are kept in mi, and properer strategies are made in order to provide your organization with perfect virtual workspace services.


There are three significant categories of device options:
1. The first one is IT offered, this means that the traditional model of IT provided and controlled devices.
2. The next option is to choose your own device (CYOD), it allows you to choose your own device as a pre-defined set of a company.
3. Bring your device (BYOD); this option allows the workers and employees to perform work activities using their own device.

Why prefer Big Boy Consultant for Virtual Workspace services?


Big Boy Consultant has so far served many organizations with virtual workspace services. We count it as one of the significant factors of our success. Our clients are leading their organizations, and it always feels good to get such good reviews from clients. Big Boy Consultant provides you valid and best services in the following ways.


  • Our team focuses on understanding the type of business you run in order to set the objectives. In no circumstances, we jump directly into providing services without proper business understanding.
  • After taking a look at your business, we analyze your business requirements as well as technical requirements.
  • Employees’ needs are vital, and we put our focus to analyze an organization’s worker needs as well.
  • The Big Boy Consultant team is always updated with the latest designs and will provide one for you according to your business requirements.
  • An approach to the transformation path is identified, and appropriate services are provided.

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We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Contact us and discuss your business objectives & we will let you know how we can help along.