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What is Local SEO

The process of Local SEO is about attracting more audiences for business from local searches. It is done by customizing your online presence for doing business. These local searches are done on search engines such as Google, Bing, Apple Maps and various others. In other words, it is an art of growing the presence of your business on the internet, so that you can be featured in the searches. The searches may be answered on the browser or even Google maps.

This location authority is the engine that makes you accessible in local markets, and bring the clients to you.

Why does your business need Local SEO?

1.  Increases the Web Traffic: You may have to compete online with the companies that are bigger but in the other part of the country. This means that a customer has a high chance of missing your website if he does not perform proper research. A Local SEO makes your site more readily visible.

2.  Helps you Compete: Whenever a person in your area searches for your specialization, you may appear on the search list. But you might not get a proper ranking, or maybe your discounts are not shown.

3.  Reduce your advertising cost: You may have to give out an advertisement in newspapers or on boards. But in this era, when most of the people are trusting internet services, by using ‘near me’ searches, you can cash this opportunity.

4.  Gain more Local Reviews: Most of the people prefer shopping from the places, having good reviews. It is a psychological fact that people trust the opinions of others. So by Local SEO, you can gather good positive reviews.

5.  Build good relations: You may be interested in building a good network with the community. If you are focused on selling some local services or products, building connections inside the community become more important. More people can praise you, attracting more business.

How does Local SEO work:

1.  Keywords: Keywords help your business to be displayed more frequently. You may search for the opening, closing time of a shop, and via keywords, you get the information about the shop.

2.    Optimizing search results: one of the crucial parts of the Local SEO is optimizing Google My Listing. Bing Searches are Apple Map Listings that have their importance as well. You have to take care of the instructions given by Google, Apple, or Bing.

3.  Sharing Relevant Information: The first information is about the size of your business, whether it is small or big. Next comes is the necessary information. You can choose the type of business you are running. Add the contacts via social media. The last part is to add relevant images.

4.  Local Mentions: This process involves the citations or local mentions of your business, including the name, address, and phone. It may be done structurally with the images. Else, it can be done in an unstructured such as in newspapers.

5.  On-Page SEO: This step involves proper utilizing your website. Setting your home page, local landing pages, and adding markups to the page come under this step.

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