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Due to globalization, endless opportunities have been opened to all the businesses around the globe. It plays a significant role in the diversification and expansion of most of the markets. Technology and communication have transformed a lot, which has led other companies to improve their strategies and step into the economy yet to explore.


Various companies are investing to enter into foreign markets in order to serve their customers on an international level. However, with overseas markets comes the benefits of social and cultural changes, which makes it essential for the companies to plan distribution and delivery in order to cope up strategically. Companies are exposed to the opportunities that come with entering overseas markets, and strategies should be designed in advance that is best for their business models.


Some of the factors affecting choice and sales include transportation costs, marketing expenses, and tariff rates. For example, direct exporting may be best for the company, depending upon its business nature and capital investment. Franchising, piggybacking, and partnering are some of the common strategies adopted by companies to enter foreign markets.

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Various Market Entry Strategies


No single strategy can work for every international market. A perfect strategy for some markets is licensing, while other markets might require a joint venture. Some markets might also need to license their manufacturing. Therefore there are so many ways using which a company can enter an international market, and few of them are discussed below.


Direct exporting
This strategy allows you to straight away enter the market that you have chosen in order to sell. After establishing a sales program, most of the companies seek help from agents or distributors to further represent in that market. Choosing by hiring an agent or a distributor is as essential as choosing your staff. This is because the agent becomes the face of your company, thereby working very close to you representing your interests.


It is a sincere arrangement between two firms in order to transfer the rights to use a product or service. The strategy is effective if the purchaser of the license as compared to you owns a considerable market share in the market you want to enter.


Partnering is a vital strategy to take if you want to enter a foreign market. In some countries, partnering is required to enter a foreign exchange. Partnering is a successful strategy, especially for those markets that share different social and work cultures. As the local partners bring knowledge and more customers if chosen wisely.


Joint ventures
It is a strategy where a 1+1=3 process is followed, which means when two companies collaborate to work together in a specific product or graphic market, thereby creating a third company. The companies are then bound to share the profits and losses equally.

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